4 questions en Asie/ 4 questions in Asia


1/ Je m'appelle Yo Sep Kim, je suis coréen et j'ai 29 ans. J'étais professeur puis officer et désormais volontaire dans un kiboutz en israel pour 6 mois. J'aime le piano, la marche, la peinture et la rencontre des gens des autres pays.

2/Dans mon pays ce qui est spécial c'est mon université, mon église.

3/J'aimerai pouvoir changer les gens qui sont tristes et les aider à devenir heureux.

4/Quand je suis entré à l'université, j'étais très malade et j'ai été guérri, je me sens heureux à chaque fois que je remercie Dieu pour ce cadeau.

1/I am Ya sep Kim, 29 from Korea. I was a teacher, then an officer, now a volunteer in a kiboutz for 6 month in Israel. I like the piano, walking, meeting new people.

2/my university, my church, and now yotvata in Israel

3/i just want to see changing the people who i meet... someone who is sad, lonley, in hard life  becomes happy...

4/when i was a freshman in the university, i was healed my desease by holy God ...about lung... so i always thank..about it...


1/ I am Tsai-hsiu, I am now in New Zeland because I wanted to make my draem come true. I was a social worker and now, I pick up kiwi fruits.

2/ 20 millions people. We have many kind of food (Tofu is one of them). We have an ancian tradition of theator with special pupets. Less and less people know how to play it. We have a bad relationship with China (they don't want us to be independant).

3/I hope that one day everybody can have a job. Nobody will rely on the governement. They will be less differences between poor and rich people.

4/ When I eat healty and delicious food. Or when I see the person I love beeing happy.

Sri Lanka

1/ I am a person that is looking fo the truth. Everything I do is a life support system to achieve that. My name is Waruna, I live in New Zeland. I am a teacher from Otago university. I read boudism books.

2/ Sri Lanka i special because my familly is there. But, like in every country, there is good, bad and ugly people. So my country isn't really special in that respect.

3/ More happy and peacefull communities.

4/ When I listen to Ajah Brahm's talks (boudism monk) (because they are close to what I am looking for).