Toc toc toc in english

I just wanted to give you some informations about my way of travelling.

The aim of my trips is to share culture with the people different from me... I travel by foot and hitch hikking. I never use the money to go forward ( No bus, no Taxi), except for the ocean (plane). I trust the people that I meet on the way, some of them will help me.  I never went to any hostel on my trip. I always manage to find a place and I have no tent ( I slept in houses, farms, schools). I travel like a troubadour, I share the culture from my land ( Bretagne in the west of France). I offer songs, dances, story telling, juggling and music in the place I go. I stop in many schools, houses, orphanages, retired people houses, jails... When I meet a group, I ask them to share something with me.

Television gives a lot of fears to the people but all is a big lie. The aim of the governement is to control the people, give them fear of other countries, other religions and take them away from happiness...

No one is interested in my stories because they are good news. If something bad would happen to me in one country, I bet the news would be interested in me. That is so sad about our society...

I don't believe in one religion, I believe in life, in the love of all people of the world. Religion should just be a way to share energy in the church in order to share it with the others in the street. Nobody as the truth ( even the different priests, each culture is different, each person should be allowed to think the way they want, and shouldn't be allowed to hurt anybody).

A lot of people are losing their culture, their ruts, their identity. They believe that what they see on TV is the best... We should teach our kids to keep away from the publicity, to be aware that what people can say is not always truth ( especially on TV). We should teach them where they are from, and some values that lead to happiness like : Sincerity, Optimism, Being Patient, Humility and Empathies. SOPHE

I don't say that what I write is truth, they are just the ideas of a person who walk in different countries.

In my trips, I try to show that it is possible to live and share. The people of all the world can help each other, can share if they can be trusted by the others... If you have something to offer ( which is not money), you can share ( games, songs, dances, stories, discussion, cooking, help...)

- In my first trip, in 2003, I went from France to China and cross 35 countries in 13 months ( east of Europe, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, China…) then I cross United States and Canada. During that trip, I went to 100 schools.

- Three years later in 2006, I did a second trip from Canada to Argentina without spending money ( just sharing stories), then, I took a plane from Chile to New-Zeland, got a boat lift to Australia. After travelling across Australia, I took a plane to South Africa and hitch hiked back to France through East-Africa, middle east and east of Europe, it took me 21 months to cross those 48 countries. I only slept 15 times outside and more than 600 times in a house, school, shop... I went to schools in 300 places where I met kids, prisoners or old people...

The idea of the trip is walking and sharing. It is working, you just need to trust and to be willing to learn about the difference. Open your heart to the meetings.

This is an experience that my heart tell me to live. I just wanted to share it with you. I wont keep doing that forever. But once I will stop, I will try to carry on sharing the message of peace and sharing with a great respect of Mother Earth…

Thanks for the help on the road.

I hope to meet you again.


“Don't dream of your life but live your dreams... ”